Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear wonderful readers,

I'm so excited that you guys love Fat Bunny so much!  I know, I know, he's really cute.  And quite an insightful bunny, if I do say so myself.  But I feel unfulfilled.  You see, I have so many thoughts and feelings that can't be contained in a few poorly-drawn pictures of bunnies talking to each other whilst wearing hats and overalls.  I want you guys to know more about me as a person: Am I having a good hair day? What is my favorite food? Who did I have coffee with last Tuesday? How did I feel about it? Where do I live? Who am I smooching?  What are my hopes and dreams? Where do I hide my money?  What color are my toe-nails right now?

Well, I don't know for SURE that you are wondering these things.  But one thing I know for sure is that I want to talk about them!

So, in addition to being a home to the occasional cute little bunny comic, I am also going to start using this site as my own personal blog.  I will start today by talking about how I am feeling about myself:  I'd give myself a 6 out of 10 at the moment.  I'm wearing kind of an ugly shirt today, and my hair is at that point where it's starting to look really crappy and I need to cut it, but I'm too lazy so it's just weird looking.  Also I popped a zit the other day and now I have this giant frickin' hole in the middle of my face because boy I tell ya it was HUUUGE.  Not too stoked on that, to be honest with you.  BUT I am wearing my favorite striped socks at the moment, so that's cool.  Also I'm eating this granola that my mom makes that is really good (maybe I'll give you the recipe?) so that's always a plus.  And, not to brag or anything but tomorrow I get to go to LA and see this dude who is probably a good 60-70% more Ryan Gosling than the average man.  My biggest concern is getting my toothpaste, because TSA confiscated my toothpaste on the plane last time, and his toothpaste sucks.  OH!  But I'm really excited to eat cake.  And I just discovered this great new bread place.  Yeah. That was a pretty big highlight.

So basically, my life is super exciting, obviously.

I'll update again soon!
 Tomorrow's topic: My favorite TV shows, and the ups and downs of my hormone imbalances!


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